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During this period, Japan was ruled by a military governor called the Shogun; the Emperor's court in Kyoto was a puppet government with no real power. The Shogun's capital was located in Edo, now called Tokyo. Local lords in every province owed their allegiance to the Shogun. Each lord also maintained his own army of Samurai; he sought skillful masters of fencing, archery, riding, Jujutsu and other martial arts to train his Samurai. These masters also developed and refined the various techniques. The Jujutsu of the Shitamas was retained and preserved in Nogata for more than 200 years.

However, the Shitamas later served the Lord of Kuroda. When a Shitama was unable to inherit the school, a protege would take charge until a son, grandson, or son-in-law of the Shitama lineage could assume control. The record books at the Sosuishi-ryu Hombu in <censored>uoka contain the succession of the masters of Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu from the time of its founder, Futagami Hannosuke Masanori, in 1650. Yagoro Munetsuna Shitama, the eleventh inheritor, who assumed control November 18, 1833, was succeeded in 1861 by his protege, then son-in-law, Shingo Munetsugu Shitama. When Munetsugu had mastered Jujutsu, he opened his own Dojo, which he called Seirensha. In 1868, Munetsuga began the Senbondori (Test of 1,000 Points), which, until March of 2004, was only conducted at the Hombu Dojo of Sosuishi-ryu. In March, 2004, the 16th Headmaster personally conducted the Test of 1,000 Points at the New York Seibukan.

The reign of the Shoguns had meanwhile run its course. In 1867, the Emperor was restored to power and he made many innovations in Japanese life. The old lords lost their domains; the Samurai found themselves masterless and unemployed. For a time, all martial arts seemed doomed. However, one of the Emperor's generals, Takamori Saigo, did not approve of the new government. He resigned his position in the army and returned to his native province, Satsuma, in southern Kyushu. In 1877, he initiated a rebellion there and


A Complete History of Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu

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